Sunday School 9:15AM
Worship Service 10:15AM



Hinkletown is a church who strives to prepare God's people for the work and mission He has called them to.
Equipping people to proclaim Christ's love and salvation to all those we have opportunity to.

Our Mission

We are committed:
To PROCLAIM Christ's love and mercy to all the world, through faith and repentance, by our word and actions.
(Matthew 28:19, Acts 1:8)

To PREPARE God's people for works of service through instruction, encouragement and admonition.
(II Timothy 3:16-17)

To PROVIDE a place where the fear of the Lord is instilled, where the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ is lived out,
where the leading of the Holy Spirt is obeyed and the fellowship of the believers is unified.
(Acts 2:43-47, I Thessalonions 5:19)

To PROTECT the truth and integrity of Gods Word, faithfully committing the doctrines of the Bible to those who will follow after us.
(II Timothy 2:2)